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Alumni Corner:
Where Are They Now?

Kristin Greene
Class of 1998
Attended Stetson University
Current Occupation: Studio Manager at Music Compound SRQ
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Elexia Coleman-Moss
Class of 1993
Attended Florida A&M University
Current Occupation: Executive Director of a Non-Profit
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Brad Fales
Class of 1993
Attended Florida Southern
Current Occupation: Teacher/Testing Coordinator
Message to students:
While I was at Booker I learned how the power of hard work and dedication can lead you to great places.

Jaqueline Fibelkorn
Class of 2007
Attended University of South Florida
Current Occupation: Teacher's Aide
Message to students:
I’m a teacher’s aide for a kindergarten class on Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan. Booker helped me prepare for this job by giving me a safe space to explore my interests. When I was in high school I had no idea what I wanted to go to college for but with the help of my teachers I was able to find out what I really loved doing.

Amanda Detweiler Kohn
Class of 1999
Attended Emory University
Current Occupation: High School Math Teacher
Message to students:
I enjoyed my time in high school and always enjoyed math. Now I get to share my love of math with the next generation and dedication can lead you to great places.

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