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All About the College and Career Resource Center

CFES Ambassador Program

CFES Brilliant Pathways, a national organization, partners with hundreds of colleges, school districts and corporations to

  • Introduce students to college and career possibilities;

  • Provide needed resources to educators, such as professional development, support and evaluation workshops; and

  • Help students and families demystify the path to college.


Every CFES Scholar works with a mentor who can share first-hand experiences and offer guidance to overcome challenges and help become college and career ready. Mentors include peers, college students, educators, and other professionals.


Each year our senior class earns millions of dollars in scholarships. We utilize a special scholarship system coupled with local and national scholarships to give our seniors the opportunity to finance their futures.

Essential Skills Workshops

There are many skills that have been deemed essential by colleges, universities, and employers. "The College Room" has devoted countless hours to training students in these essential skills.  Check the events schedule for dates and times!

College Visits

Meeting college and admissions representatives is key to helping construct post-secondary plans. There are many colleges that visit with representatives excited to answer questions and provide guidance to interested students.  Check the events schedule for dates and times!

Scholarship & Application Bootcamps

We host bootcamps & workshops during lunch and after school to help assist students with completing various types of applications.  Students receive help from community partners, volunteers, and staff to ensure that their applications are completed successfully;

BHS Milestones

We know that every grade level is unique and we believe that in order to create a solid post-secondary plan work should begin Freshman year.  With that in mind, we have created milestones for every grade level.  These milestones are a guide to help students focus their thoughts and actions towards building their post-secondary plan.

Meet Our Team

Khea Davis

Director of College & Career Readiness 

Morgan Lumb

College & Career Advisor

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