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Alumni Corner:
Where Are They Now?

Cat Ford-Coates
Class of 1994
Attended Manatee Community College & New England Institute of Art
Current Occupation: Photographer
Contact Here

Valerie Silver
Class of 1989
Attended Carson Newman University
Current Occupation: Owner of a Radio Station
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Martha Bogert
Class of 1993
Attended School of Visual Arts (BFA) &
NYU Tisch School of The Arts ITP (Masters)
Current Occupation: Ceramic Artist 
Message for students:
Booker gave me a great foundation in fine arts. With a wide range of mediums allowing me time for experimentation. It really solidified my decision to go to art school and to focus on fine art. Having that practical base of knowledge from Booker honestly gave me a leg up in my foundation art classes my first year at SVA. I was able to dive into the course work with more direction than my peers. I still use techniques that I learned at Booker during my junior year ceramics classes with Mr. Nuygen. As well as drawing and painting fundamentals with Ms. Glasser and Mr. Rainone. The only thing that I think was lacking from the course work at that time was modern art, art history and semiotics.

Stephanie Allen
Class of 2009
Attended Stetson University ‘13 (BA)Lewis University ‘19 (MA)
Current Occupation: Writer, Web Editor, Professional Coach
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Ethan Fuhrmeister
Class of 2021
Attended State College of Florida
Current Occupation: Lighting Designer
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Brenda Scott Royce
Class of 1984
Attended Cal State University-Fullerton
Current Occupation: Author & Magazine Editor
Message for students:
I have written more than 20 books for adults and children (mostly on the topic of animals and conservation) and have served as the editor of "Zoo View" magazine for more than 15 years. When I was a VPA drama student at Booker, my goal was to be an actress. Over the years I began writing scenes, monologues, and plays, and eventually found that my greatest strengths lie in storytelling rather than acting. My English and drama classes at Booker were very helpful in preparing me for this life as a storyteller. They also instilled confidence in me, enabling me to stand before audiences of any size and pour my heart out, whether I'm playing a character or reading an excerpt from one of my books.

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